I am here to help you make your projects a reality. If you enjoy working with a designer who really listens to you, understands your needs and who shares your passion for growing a business, we are on the same path!

I value long-term relationships with clients based on communication, trust and collaboration. Before offering you solutions, I will go through a process to focus on your specific needs, because your business is unique.

After you put so much time and effort in creating your products or services, you need a visual identity and marketing communications that represent how great your business is. Let's talk... I am ready to help!

Rosa Fierro | Art Director & Designer

I approach design from a conceptual and problem solving perspective by giving clarity to your communications and brand identity.

Not every company has an In-house design department or they may need additional help with special projects. Having experience as an art director/designer for marketing departments at large corporations and small businesses, I value and understand the processes and the marketing needs from complex, to simple projects.

I've been helping businesses in the US and Mexico for more than fifteen years, working with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries including financial, publications, food services, entertainment, clean technologies, animal organizations and others.

My involvement with different areas of design started early on. My love of design prompted me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design with a major in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.

When I am not working on a client's project, I love to create art, photography and enjoy long walks with my family and my dog.