Rosa designed the logo for my website and business cards. The results were fantastic! Rosa offered creative alternatives to choose from and she discovered the right vision for the direction of my writing and editorial services with a focus on the pet industry. She’s a great talent and a pleasure to work with.
— Chamois Beal-Lopez. Creative Content Strategist | Marketing Copywriter | Freelance Writer
Rosa Fierro is without a doubt one of the most talented graphic artists I have had the pleasure to work with - and I’ve worked at 5 Ad agencies. We’ve never had the opportunity to meet in person, but that did not stop Rosa from capturing the exact essence of Save Olympic Strays and expressing that for us in a logo. She asked all the right questions and made sure she understood our ideas and the thoughts behind them.

Rosa provided a variety of ideas for us to review and then finalized what we consider to be the perfect logo. She listened, did not push her ideas on us, rather she partnered to fully discuss concepts and create exactly what we wanted and needed - a logo that speaks the mission and warms the heart.

I highly recommend Rosa to everyone, non-profit or for-profit, that is looking to create a visual identity that will be instantly recognizable and carry your visions forward
— Kristi Schneider. Save Olympic Strays
Rosa has been a key player in helping the European team at National pen develop high quality catalogues to promote our products. She has been working closely with marketing managers in San Diego as well as Europe and has never missed a deadline. Rosa was very dedicated in exceeding other people’s expectations and it was always a pleasure working with her.
— Laurent Yung. SVP - North America at National Pen
Rosa and I were the AD/CW team in charge of developing new creative pieces for the Hispanic market at Capital One. She’s a highly strategic art director and couples her artistic abilities with a sensibility for this particular market. She understands the meaning and value of teamwork and is a deligth to work with
— Denise Santana. Copywriter/Translator/Certified Interpreter

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